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lrc spiritual journey

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1. Nourish the Root

Seek the Lord’s presence to examine the root of our faith in attitude and practice:

  *Cutting away dead strands, those that    

    do not reflect Christ

  *Treating strands that are still viable

  *Nourishing healthy strands

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2. Move To New Soil

Seek the Lord’s presence to create in us a clean heart and renew in us a right spirit:

*Stop relying upon structures, tradition, and history to nourish and support us

*Start relying upon faith in Christ

*Start depending on one another as His faith community

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4.  Share the Harvest:

Share and minister to the surrounding community asking ourselves:

*How do we share the fruit we are bearing?

*How should we minister to the community?

*How do we maintain the mark of Christ in all that we bear?

3. Grow A Fruit-bearing Tree:

Grow a community around purpose,

asking ourselves:

 *What is the purpose of the worship service?            Study time? Ministries?

 *What does this require from us? Why do we do the things we do?

 *How do we love one another? Visitors?  The community?

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