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Koinonia: January Edition

"For many are called, but few are chosen."Matthew 22:14

In our last Wednesday night discussion group of 2016, someone asked what the above verse means. We had been talking about Matthew and how his witness gives us hope that the people in our lives that seem to be disinterested in Christ and are immersed in their own worldly ambitions still may very well answer the call. Indeed, Matthew was a tax collector and unlikely candidate for discipleship, yet he leaves his comfortable lifestyle and surrenders to Christ’s lordship.

Matthew 22:14 comes at the end of Jesus’ parable about the wedding feast. The king invites his chosen guests to the feast, people that should want to be a part of the celebration and truly embrace this new covenant with his son. Twice he invites these chosen people, yet twice they decline. Some seem genuinely disinterested while others are violently opposed to this wedding.

The king is clearly frustrated and opts then to invite anyone his servants can round up – the good, the bad, and everything in between. These folks accept the invitation and it is a fine feast. Yet there is one guest not dressed for the wedding and he is quickly exposed by the king. The person throwing the wedding party was also the one responsible for the wedding apparel, and so this man was clearly an imposter. His fate is to be bound up and thrown into the darkness…a terrible price to pay.

So what does our Lord mean when He says, “for many are called, but few are chosen?” I believe this is a wonderful reminder that Christ died for all, that none should perish. He calls all, inviting all to the wedding feast. Yet some reject that call and do not inherit the kingdom. Others try to slip into the party, but haven’t really been fully clothed in the wedding garments of grace that only come through our surrender to that call.

Have you surrendered? If so, prepare yourself for whatever Christ is has in store for His chosen here in 2017. Be ready for service and celebration. Be ready for trial and triumph. Be ready to follow that call wherever He leads you.

-- Pastor Justin

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